Sport Rifle & Competitions

Sport rifle shooting is a challenging sport, as it is shot off hand. That is no support, just both feet on the ground with one arm and shoulder supporting the rifle, with the other hand holding the rifle and finger squeezing the trigger. All whilst looking down the sights at the target 20yds away. This is a sport for everybody, young, old, male or female. It is also a sport that people in wheelchairs, or people who find standing a problem, as they can sit on a stool. The rules state that as long as the torso is not supported and elbows do not touch the table, then this is allowable.

The type of competitions we enter are the Dorset Leagues which consist of 8 rounds, 2 rounds per month. We shoot Summer and Winter leagues, using Lightweight Sport Rifles which may be live .22 rim fire or .22 or .177 air rifles. We also shoot the same format but on different targets with Gallery Rifle which is .38 calibre live centre fire. You do not have to be the top shot in the club for these competitions, as you will be graded on your average and put into the appropriate division.

Sometimes we put a team in the NSRA [National Small-bore Rifle Association] National competitions. But you do have to be a member of the NSRA to take part in this one. There are benefits to joining the NSRA such as providing you insurance as an individual.

Another competition we take part in each year is a national competition which is run by the NSRA/ELEY, where anybody who shoots can enter. You will be placed in a division to suit your average, which consists of 3 stages as a knockout competition. Stage 1 is shot around December/January as an eliminator. Those that get through go on to stage 2, which is all shot at the club. If you progress, you can then go to the National Shooting Centre at Bisley to shoot in the finals later in the year, which is a very good experience.

At Parkstone we aim to give full instruction to the novice on the handling and good practice of safe shooting with a variety of firearms and air guns. We also accept and welcome seasoned shooters into our friendly club where we have qualified instructors and club guns for probationary members to use.

The club members have carried out a lot of upgrading work in the last few years, including the design and construction of an excellent electronic target retrieval system which is the envy of other clubs. Looking to the future we hope to have turning targets fitted onto the system, which is used for rapid fire shooting.

When you are not shooting, there is tea and coffee available free in the club room, where you can have a chat, get advice or just have a bit of banter with the other members. We look forward to seeing you.