Gallery Rifle 

Centre Fire & Rimfire

The most commonly used firearms are the Marlin, Winchester and Rossi lever action rifles. these are shot using the larger .38/.357 or .44 cal.
The range was upgraded about 10 years ago and can accommodate the larger ammunition, regular competitions are run in the summer and winter.

The events are ‘open’ which allows the shooter to use red dot, telescopic or iron sights.

*Air rifle and Fullbore can be used on Tuesday & Thursday.  Friday Fullbore only
*HOME LOADED Ammunition is allowed (CLUB RULES APPLY ) Talk to the RANGE OFFICER.

Muzzle Loading / Cap & Ball

Cap and ball revolvers /rifles under 45 cal which are within our range limit can be used at P.G.C. 

BLACK POWDER is not allowed, smokeless only.  777 is the main powder used.