Parkstone Gun Club has a very active “Air” section, that is, people who shoot air guns of all types in all disciplines.

Our members range from plinkers, people who are happy to shoot a tin can in their back garden, to accomplished national level sportsmen and women. The club is very welcoming to all skill levels.

Having a range of talents on the premises means that there is never a shortage of advice at PGC for beginners and improvers. Even the most talented air gun shooters are happy to offer advice or guidance.

There are a wide range of ages too; it is encouraging seeing so many young people taking up target sports. Young shooters are the future of our sport, but it can be a bit daunting when a young teen is seen to have the raw talent to beat most of the adults around them in competitions.

A visitor to PGC will see a variety of airguns, from the vintage and dated, to the cheap and cheerful to the absolute state of the art. Many people would not realise that some air rifles come with a price tag of over £2,000 – and that’s before a telescopic sight is fitted! However, the skills required for safe and successful shooting do not come from the pistol or rifle – skills come from the person behind the trigger. That’s where the encouragement of our members and our club facilities come in.

The Club has a range of high quality air rifles which can be loaned to members or visitors. We have five rifles which can be used for competitive shooting, which means that those who don’t have their own guns can use our equipment. Club equipment is loaned at no cost to visitors and members, as part of their range fees.

The club stock a range of pellets for members, usually at prices lower than can be seen in the shops or on the web.

Please feel very welcome to drop in, have a coffee and a chat/. Even on our busiest evenings the PGC airgunners will always find time for you.